• Sports injury evaluation and treatment
  • Care for non-surgical musculoskeletal/orthopedic complaints
  • Care for sports-related medical conditions
  • Concussion evaluation services (including IMPACT neuropsychological testing)
  • Return-to-play decisions
  • Sizing of custom shoe inserts
  • Sports injury prevention
  • Sports nutrition
  • Minor fracture care


Concussion Management

What happens during an evaluation?

The evaluation is conducted by a pediatric sports medicine specialist and includes a comprehensive review of the athlete’s injury and symptoms, a thorough physical and neurological examination, an assessment of functional balance, and an assessment of neuropsychological and cognitive functioning using IMPACT , a computer-based testing technique (if necessary). Results of the evaluation are reviewed with the athlete and family. A treatment plan is provided, including management of symptoms and a timeline for return to sports and activities. Consultation with a neuropsychologist or pediatric neurologist is available to assist with management of prolonged cognitive and emotional difficulties.



Golf fitness and injury evaluation

Dr. Rettig is TPI certified golf fitness professional. He has taken golf specific educational courses to identify and overcome physical restrictions that limit a golfer’s potential. A personalized workout routine for performance enhancement can be created for the non-injured golfer. For injured golfers, Dr. Rettig incorporates selective functional movement assessment to assist in the problem-solving process used in musculoskeletal evaluation. An exercise prescription is formulated based on the findings. Dr. Rettig works closely with other TPI certified golf professionals in the area to help his clients enjoy the game of golf without physical pain.


Additional Sports Medicine Services

Injury Prevention

We can perform biomechanical assessment for injury prevention in runners, throwers, swimmers, raquet players, and golfers. Dr. Rettig has special training in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) for the golfer.

Conditioning, Performance, & Nutrition

We provide counseling and guidance that can help optimize your training and performance goals. We strive to help our clients of all abilities to perform at their best.

Women’s Fitness

We develop exercise and nutrition programs for women who have osteopenia/osteoporosis. We can also arrange for assessment of bone mineral density using DEXA. In addition we design exercise programs for pregnant women and those who are postpartum.